Yes, of course we're real pirates! But not the dirty, nasty, mean type of cut throat pirates. We're fun pirates. We won't cut your throat, but we may kick some booty! We live our lives according to the pirate code, which is really no more than just a set of guidelines anyway. So if you're a pirate, or if you think you might be a pirate, or if you want to be a pirate,  come join us on our journeys as we search the world, or at least the neighborhood, for lots of fun and adventure.  Don't even think about asking for parley, because none will be granted, unless of course you offer suggestions or directions to some new adventerous location!

PirateFamily.com is a peanut free website. So keep your filthy peanuts away from me or I'll be forced to stab you with my Epi-Pen!